Survey Camp Details


  • 02-12 – Demonstration about camp exercises, general instructions and pre-paper work at IRS
  • 03-12 to 06-12 – Field work (Mapping using Plane Table Surveying & Contouring)
  • 07-12 to 08-12 – Calculations & Plotting at IRS
  • 09-12 to 10-12 – Field Work (Triangulation)
  • 11-12 – Triangulation calculations at IRS
  • Uniform not compulsory.. Formal/Casual wear with shoes.. No T-shirts..
  • First day alone assemble by 8 30 before IRS.. all the other days the bus will leave at 7 45 from the campus..
  • Try reading on the topics of Plane Table Surveying, Contouring and Triangulation.. Get BC Punmia books if possible to the camp..

We have our Survey Camp during Dec 2 – Dec 11. Campsite is a place near Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram Dt, which is not clearly identified yet. We will be having a daily trip to the site through our College bus. Timings are between 8am to 5pm. Lunch at the site is arranged and intimated accordingly. Staff in-charge are Dr. Murugesan and Mrs. Kanmani Shanmugapriya from IRS. Any other queries, pls ask us..

Note: Absenting yourself even for a day, would result in an ARREAR and you’ll have to repeat the camp next year with our Juniors.. pls note this carefully..


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