Survey Camp Details


  • 02-12 – Demonstration about camp exercises, general instructions and pre-paper work at IRS
  • 03-12 to 06-12 – Field work (Mapping using Plane Table Surveying & Contouring)
  • 07-12 to 08-12 – Calculations & Plotting at IRS
  • 09-12 to 10-12 – Field Work (Triangulation)
  • 11-12 – Triangulation calculations at IRS
  • Uniform not compulsory.. Formal/Casual wear with shoes.. No T-shirts..
  • First day alone assemble by 8 30 before IRS.. all the other days the bus will leave at 7 45 from the campus..
  • Try reading on the topics of Plane Table Surveying, Contouring and Triangulation.. Get BC Punmia books if possible to the camp..

We have our Survey Camp during┬áDec 2 – Dec 11. Campsite is a place near Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram Dt, which is not clearly identified yet. We will be having a daily trip to the site through our College bus. Timings are between 8am to 5pm.┬áLunch at the site is arranged and intimated accordingly. Staff in-charge are Dr. Murugesan and Mrs. Kanmani Shanmugapriya from IRS. Any other queries, pls ask us..

Note: Absenting yourself even for a day, would result in an ARREAR and you’ll have to repeat the camp next year with our Juniors.. pls note this carefully..


Water Supply Engineering

Assignment questions for the third assessment are available in the following link. Questions for the assessment tomorrow, will be asked only from this list. Do not write the assignment today. After finishing tomorrow’s assessment, assessment questions alone can be written again as Assignment, and submitted on Saturday.

Assignment questions

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Guys, find the notes for the whole syllabus of MSW. Read accordingly with reference to the areas covered in depth in class.

01 SHWM Introduction

02 MSW Rules 2000

03 HW Rules 2008

04 MSW Characterisation

05 HW Characterisation

06 MSW Source Reduction

07 HW Minimisation

08 MSW Storage and Collection

09 MSW Collection Analysis

10 HW Handling and storage

11 MSW Transfer and Transport

12 HW Transport

13 MSW Material Recovery

14 MSW Biological Pocessing

15 Composting

16 Biomethanation

17 Waste to Energy

18 HW Physico Chemical Treatment

19 HW Solidification

20 Landfill Basics

21 Landfill Liners and Covers

22 Leachate Management

23 Landfill Gas Management

Of these, topics 03, 05, 07, 10, 12, 18, 19 are not included in our syllabus and are given for your future reference. For the third assessment, we have topics 14 – 17 and 20 – 23 (8 topics).

Semester Schedule

November 17 – Structural Analysis I

November 19 – Design of Steel Structures

November 22 – Foundation Engineering

November 24 – Water Supply Engineering

November 26 – Highway Engineering

November 29 – Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

December 1 – Municipal Solid Waste Management

Design of Steel Structures

Link for NPTEL notes.

Link for INSDAG notes.

Links for Class notes.

Steel – Introduction – 1

Steel – Introduction – 2

Limit State Method – 1

Limit State Method – 2


Compression Members – 1

Compression Members – 2

Compression Members – 3

Compression Members – 4

Tension Members – 1

Tension Members – 2

Tension Members – 3

Tension Members – 4

Composite Design

For bending, refer previous posts.

If you encounter any sort of problem in downloading things, let me know. Contact me to get the copies directly.